Marriage Therapy

Dr. Carreira was specifically trained in Marriage and Family Therapy. He is licensed to do Marriage and Family Therapy in ON and MI, and is considered an expert in this area.

Individual Therapy

Dr. Carreira is licensed to do individual therapy with children, adolescents, and adults. From time to time, Dr. Carreira may suggest you to invite important individuals to your individual therapy session.

Psychological Assessment

Dr. Carreira is licensed to conduct psychological assessments on children, adolescents, and adults

Dr. Chris Carreira, C. Psych. (Portuguese Spoken)

Dr. Chris Carreira, C. Psych. is a fully licensed and registered clinical psychologist in both Ontario and Michigan.  He earned his Bachelor’s Degree with Honours in Psychology from the University of Windsor and went on to complete his Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, and Doctorate Degree in Psychology at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.  Thanks to the graduated licensing program in Michigan, Dr. Carreira has worked as a licensed clinical psychologist since 2006.  Dr. Carreira is presently licensed to counsel and provide assessments to children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families.  Having graduated at the top of his cohort from the Marriage and Family Therapy Master’s program, Dr. Carreira has established himself as a relationship and family expert in both Windsor ON, and Grosse Pointe, MI.  In addition to using a cognitive-behavioural therapy approach for treating individuals diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and personality disorders, Dr. Carreira also received specific training in working with individuals who present with substance abuse issues.  Recently, Dr. Carreira has been working with individuals diagnosed with trauma and stress related disorders, such as PTSD in first responders and veterans, and individuals involved in motor vehicle accidents.  He has given a number of presentations on PTSD and trauma in his community, and is available to speak at public education engagements upon request.  Dr. Carreira regularly conducts a number of psychological assessments on children, adolescents, and adults, such as vocational assessments, fitness for duty assessments, diocesan assessments, personality assessments, psychoeducational assessments for learning disabilities, AD/HD, behavioural disorders, etc.  Having studied and worked in both the United States and Canada, Dr. Carreira brings with him a wealth of international and multicultural counselling and assessment experience.  He is bilingual in English and Portuguese, and provides services in both languages.


Dr. Chris Carreira

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Meet the team

Dr. Chris Carreira, Ph.D. C.Psych.

Registered Psychologist; Clinic Supervisor

Hope - Therapy Dog

Hope the Hungarian Vizsla

Therapy Dog

Office Manager

Jessica serves as the Office Manager for Dr. Chris Carreira, Ph.D., C. Psych, and is the first point of contact when booking an appointment. read more

Jessica Filipetti

Office Administrator

Megan Byron-Palenchuk, MS, BCBA, Registered Psychotherapist

Megan Byron-Palenchuk has her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology  and practices  under the supervision of Dr. Chris Carreira, Ph.D., C. Psych. read more

Megan Byron-Palenchuk, MS, BCBA, Registered Psychotherapist

Therapy and Assessment

Kristina Jurkovic, Ph.D. has her Doctoral degree in Clinical Mental Health Counselling. She is a registered psychotherapist. read more

Kristina Jurkovic, RP, Ph.D.

Therapy and Assessment

Stephanie obtained a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and is currently a PhD Candidate in the Clinical Psychology program at the University of more

Stephanie Nardone, M.A.

Therapy and Assessment

Dailah Mulder, MA, RP (Qualifying)

Dailah Mulder obtained a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and practices under the supervision of Dr. Chris Carreira, Ph.D., C. Psych.  read more

Dailah Mulder, MA., RP (Qualifying)

Psychotherapist (Qualifying)



Being in a successful relationship is harder than it looks. Good, stable marriages and relationships require a lot of hard work, and good communication. [Read more]


Family therapy involves having every member of the family together in one room. The idea is that a family is like a mobile hanging over an infant’s crib; when one piece is pushed or pulled, the entire mobile, or family system, moves in sync. [Read more]


Individual therapy involves the client and psychologist only, although from time to time, Dr. Carreira may ask that your partner/spouse/friend, etc., attend one session when it becomes relevant. [Read more]


Dr. Carreira and his students run different therapy and support groups throughout the year. Please contact Dr. Carreira’s office for a list of groups that are presently being run, or to request a new group. [Read more]


From time to time, there are unique situations which prevent a client from coming in to the office for therapy. [Read more]


There are certain situations in which the client cannot attend the office, and in which the client does not have access to a computer. [Read more]


Dr. Carreira is licensed to conduct psychological assessments on children, adolescents, and adults ... [Read more]


Contact Dr. Carreira if you are a student looking for clinical supervision.



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